Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Haven't I been a slacker lately? It was really harder than I thought to take a picture and put it up everyday. I loved doing it, though, I just feel that since a month and a half has passed since I put up a picture, should I pick up where I left off, or just wait till January first and start fresh? I do want to pick it up again - but having been a slacker for so long, I don't know where to start again. What do you think?

And, to satisfy your ever-present Zane cravings, here's a bit of what went on in November and December:

Picking out a Christmas tree at the Farmer's market!

Driving home - intrigued by the tree.

Cheesin' - what else is new?

Watching Cookie Monster, his new love!

Waiting for our first haircut adventure!

Helping like a big boy...

And afterwards - looking like a little boy, and not my baby. :( :(